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 A perfect item for the gentleman who appreciates a fine drink and a distinguished fragrance!


10 oz. bars are huge and last a good long time.

You don't need to be 21 to buy this product as long as you don't eat it.

Yes, we really put beer and bourbon in soap. Because this is America, and we can!

Campfire - the warm, slightly smoky scent of burning hickory

- Fresh Cut Pine - the invigorating scent of fresh split pine wood

-Leaf & Leather - the rich scent of fresh tobacco leaf and old leather

-Bay Rum Soap - bright and aromatic blend of citrus musk, cedarwood, and island spices

-Great American Beer Soap made with Budweiser - warm, cedarwood scent

-Big American Bourbon Soap  - oak barrel scent

-Busch Beer Soap made with Busch Beer -sandalwood scent

Big Texas Beer Soap -is made in partnership with Lone Star Beer, the National Beer of Texas has a sandalwood scent