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Florida Salt Scrub Lemon Grass

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Authentic Coconut Salt Scrub


For use on: your body, feet and hands
• 100% Coconut Love!
• Non-greasy
• Made with Coconut Oil
• Only salt scrub made with mineral rich, Atlantic sea salt ground down to our very specific extra fine – soft texture (preferred by many over Dead Sea)
• Natural antiseptic and disinfectant
• Made with highest quality ingredients
Coconut  Love!
• Amazing Lemon Grass smell (best pure Coconut salt scrub in existence that we know of)
• Leaves skin feeling soft, all kinds of wonderful and rejuvenated
Spa approved! Our salt scrub is the salt scrub of choice for many salons and spas for use in their salt scrub treatments
• Truly a “must have” by every sink and in every shower
• Vegan

• Does not stain clothes
• Natural wood serving spoon included!

Open the jar and instantly escape to the warm tropical beaches of South Florida and maybe even Key West, through noticing the wonderful Lemon aroma as it awakens your senses. Soon you may feel yourself drifting to a warm, wonderful and relaxing place.


Like all Florida Salt Scrubs products, our Lemon Grass salt scrub is made from only the HIGHEST quality ingredients.